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NextGEN Gaming Crypto-Currency

GameX (GX)

GameX (GX) is a gaming-themed cryptocurrency (token) that built on Waves Blockchain

While GameX has three internal projects to fuel the ecosystem of the platform, it also has many side projects, internal and external services to earn and spend GX

Buy, Sell and Trade Video Games

GX Marketplace

GX Marketplace is a platform for gamers to buy, sell and trade video game with using GX

The listing, buying, and trading video games
More than 25 cryptocurrencies to spend
Escrow system to verify peer to peer trades

Get Funding for Your Game Projects or Support Others

GX In-Die Club

GX In-Die Club is a crowdfunding platform to bring together indie developers and player community

Presentation of indie game projects
Donation of GX to developers
Marketing and publishing support by GameX

Rent a GPU Mining Rig or Hashrate for a Period of Time

GX GPU Mining Hub

GX GPU Mining Hub is a mini mining farm project of GameX to let the community to rent mining rigs and hash rates with using their GX

Rental of a GPU mining rig (Short Term)
Rental of hash rate (Long Term)
Multiple cryptocurrency options for payouts

 Specifications and Details

GX Token

Token Name: GameX
Token Symbol: GX
Token Standard: Waves Platform
Issue Date: 06.01.2018 07:33
Max. Token Issue Volume: 100 Million (as of 9.1.2018)
Decimals: 2
Reissuable: No
Issuer: 3PEekt4rw2odaWBcn1uv6ixhrGfGJyf7HtF
Waves Identifier: GFiWx4dcceJXGWfHc53GMXEidpciUCN5tnHUwE18NEfY

 Circulation, Volume and Price

GX on the Market

Price: $0.0015 (Internal Services)
Circulating Supply: 2,882,852 GX
Unique Holders: +4.2k
Listed Exchanges: 2
Projects/Merchants: 2


*Latest Stats Update: September 1, 2018

Exchanges, Internal Projects, and Merchants

GX Areas of Use


GameX’s rapidly expanding program GX Alliance, lets our community members to earn extra GX as an addition to our never-ending Bounty Hunting campaign with simply being with us, referring visitors, new members and unlocking achievements! Register now to join us!


Registered Users 


Currently Online


Total GX Withdrawn

2,712,260.40 GX

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