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GameX is a jack-of-all-trades type video game platform that is powered by blockchain technology as a token of Ethereum’s ERC20.
GX token is used to fuel GameX’s ecosystem while providing its holders to get huge discounts on game purchases and providing raffle tickets to have a chance to win free video games.
As an addition to its internal uses, it is also possible to trade GX tokens for other coins on partner exchanges.


GameX’s rapidly expanding program GX Alliance, lets our community members earn extra GX with simply being with us, referring visitors, new members and unlocking achievements! Register now to join us!


Joined the blockchain industry in January 2018 

More than 85k registered members

The chance to earn GX tokens via various activities

KYC verified user-base


GX Marketplace is the video game store of GameX which lets you buy video games with using more than 20 cryptocurrencies. GX tokens also can be used for huge discounts.


More than 20 Cryptocurrencies supported 

Fast payout verification via CoinPayments

Up to 75% discount with using GX tokens

Additional GX reward with purchase milestones


With GX Raffle Store, you can buy raffle tickets with using your tokens and have a chance to win video games!


More than 15 Steam and Origin games already rewarded 

The chance to earn additional GX with reaching ticket purchase achievements

Transparent winner declaration to prevent raffle doubts

Detailed statistics and purchase lists by users


GX Playground is a gaming hub let lets its users to earn GX tokens while playing HTML5 games.


A fruit of a Cloud Games and GameX partnership 

More than 12 HTML5 games

Random GX reward system by in-game activity

Leveling systems to earn additional GX with each new level


GX Faucet is a traditional cryptocurrency faucet that rewards its users with GX tokens each hour.


A chance to earn GX for each hour 

Additional claim bonus via “Nightmare Mode”

Leveling system to get additional GX for each new level

Traditional faucet features of the industry

 Specifications and Details

GX Token

Token Name: GameX
Token Symbol: GX
Token Standard: ERC20
Max. Token Issue Volume: 205,000,000,000
Decimals: 18
Reissuable: No
ERC20 Contract: 0xEFF5e11BAa06bC6091EbfC0957BB3CfB50fc7d65
GX on Etherscan: