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By Kraeius on 3/4/2018

Roundup, February 2018

February was really a busy month on GameX. Implementation of GX Alliance increased our popularity at least ten fold. With our new program we’ve had around 29,000 members that earned more than 600,000 GX as total with completing small tasks. While there are some conditions to withdraw earned GX, GameX currently have around 300K GX in public circulation with around 1.5K unique token holders
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By Kraeius on 2/15/2018

GX Alliance Introduction

Hello everyone,

Today I’m going introduce you our new GameX campaign that will change some of the aspects of our never-ending Bounty Hunting.

If you are a follower of GameX since the beginning, you’d recognize that our bounty program is never mean to end. Generally it’s only active on ICO stages of tokens but since GameX mimics a coin rather than a token, we present continuous token earning ways like mining mechanics on coins. Difference is, one is made by hardware and other one is directly by user…

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By Lisa on 2/6/2018

The Hunt is ON!

Hello guys!

I write this to tell you about latest news of our never-ending bounty hunting.

What is GameX Bounty Hunting?

Our program as some of you may know is introduced while our ICO period is active. Unlike others bounties, GameX Bounty Hunting Program is a continuous community rewarding program. As we have stated many times before, we are aiming to be an actively-used crypto currency and not a stake…

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By Kraeius on 2/3/2018

Roundup, January 2018

Thank You!

Before rounding up what we have experienced on January and talking about GameX’s current status, I want to thank all of you for being a part of our project.

Even just reading this blog entry shows that you are interested to know more about us and that’s invaluable. We need to have communities to stay strong on this competitive cryptocurrency stage and every little bit of help you present affects everything we can do…

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