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GX Alliance Introduction

By Kraeius on 2/15/2018

Hello everyone,

Today I’m going introduce you our new GameX campaign that will change some of the aspects of our never-ending Bounty Hunting.

If you are a follower of GameX since the beginning, you’d recognize that our bounty program is never mean to end. Generally it’s only active on ICO stages of tokens but since GameX mimics a coin rather than a token, we present continuous token earning ways like mining mechanics on coins. Difference is, one is made by hardware and other one is directly by user.

To that end, we tried to make it more systematic and traceable on our own system. It’d also open our way for more future developments of this system and implementation of new GX earning ways.

So ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you – GX Alliance!

What is GX Alliance?

GX Alliance, GameX’s new promotion-based campagin program that will let our followers to create an account on GameX, customize their profile and earn GX with participating some promotional task like they already do on and Twitter bounties.

Program is aimed to increase recognisability of GameX with the help of our followers and reward them with participating in it. “Alliance” word symbolizes our mutual efforts with community to promote GameX. We have also implemented rank and achievement system to reward loyal users with more GX.

How to join the Alliance?

First, you’ll need to create an account on GameX website via That’ll be your main hub to earn GX, see your balance, rank, achievements and transaction logs.

After registering and logging in, you should edit your profile to add your personal, social media and cryptocurrency related information.

While Personal and Social Media sections are optional, it is important for us to know more about you. Cryptocurrency section though must be filled, especially with Waves wallet address and Bitcointalk username if you have.

How to earn GX?

Currently there are more than five new ways to earn GX as an addition to Bounty Hunting program. Here is the list with conditions, limits and reward amounts.

Registering to GameX

Requirement: Simply join GX Alliance with creating and activating an account.

Limit: One-time

Reward: ~10 GX + 1 GX by Achievement

Logging in to GameX

Requirements: Login to GameX

Limit: 1/Day

Reward: 1 GX/Day

Visiting GameX (Faucet)

Requirements: Just a visit to GameX website, any page or section.

Limit: 1/Day

Reward: 3 GX/Day

Referring Visitors

Requirements: Use your referral link to drive visitors to GameX website. Useful for Twitter and other social media channels. Just a visit from that user is enough, there is no extra action needed.

Limit: No visitor number limit. Rewarding limit is 1/Visitor (Unique).

Reward: 0.25 GX/Visitor

Referring Members

Requirement: Use your referral link to drive visitors to GameX and encourage them to be a member by registering. If they visit GameX via your referral link and register an account, you’ll be credited.

Limit: Max. 10 Members/Week

Reward: 5 GX/Member

And more to come soon…

Ranks and Achievements

GX Alliance has a ranking system with 10 levels to achieve. Each level requires an amount of GX as based on your total earned GX data. Increasing your rank will have some rank specific privileges like new achivements to unlock and ways to earn extra GX etc.

Achievements on the other hand, already have their rewards being set. Currently there are 4 public achievements and one of them is awarded when you register your account, so there are 3 to catch on.

Each achievement has 5 levels and each level rewards user with an increased amount of GX. New achievements will be added frequently, so stay tuned.

Requesting Payout

When you reach 100 GX, you may send a request for payout if you haven’t got one in last 7 days. Basically, you can withdraw your GX once in a week.

Recurring payout requests (spamming) and requesting payout while the time limit hasn’t passed yet is subject to penalty which is 10% deduction of your Current Balance.

Transaction Log

Each earning category on GX Alliance has it’s own transaction log that holds last 5 entries. It let’s you see specific point earning sources with their respective amounts.

What happens to Bounty Hunting program?

Retweet and mention campaign on Twitter has ended. Instead, you may use your referral link to drive visitors and members to GameX and earn from them. With that option, you won’t be stuck on Twitter only and may use any platform you want with your referral link.

Translated thread daily rewards have been removed for dead and non-moderated threads. Daily GX rewarding will continue for active threads if the creator still moderates it. Moderation means, updating thread, posting news of GameX and answering questions.

Signature and Avatar campaigns continue as it is but with the opening of GX Alliance, participants should create their accounts and let us know their usernames. Their balance will be tracked on GX Alliance from now on.

Exploiting GX

Our system is still a baby and we may have bugs or exploitable functions. Since we log every move, any possible exploit sooner or later would wave it’s hand to us. So, don’t try to exploit and just inform us if you see anything unusual.

Conditions and Reward Amounts

Since the program is new, we may and probably will change some conditions and reward amounts. We’ll tweak it with time to catch optimal rate. So, something that rewards you 100 GX today may be 10 or 1000 GX tomorrow. Everything may change, please join with knowing that.

Have an idea for a new GX earning way?

You can share your ideas with us via our Contact Us page, about new earning ways for GX or improvements of current system. If your suggestion would be implemented to GX Alliance, you’d be credited!

I hope that, you like our new campaign and join us!

See you,