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Roundup, January 2018

By Kraeius on 2/3/2018

Thank You!

Before rounding up what we have experienced on January and talking about GameX’s current status, I want to thank all of you for being a part of our project.

Even just reading this blog entry shows that you are interested to know more about us and that’s invaluable. We need to have communities to stay strong on this competitive cryptocurrency stage and every little bit of help you present affects everything we can do.


So, January for us was an exciting period while also had some negative effects on us, generally. GameX is still a baby, we are a month old and fighting to stay on the active side of the cryptocurrency world.

First, I want to tell you about our ICO period;

It took place between January 9 and 27 which is around 2 weeks or so. We’ve frequently asked about that why it’s that short and had some critics about our lack of Whitepaper and Team sections.

There are some reasons behind it, it’s questionable of course if they are logical or not. First of all, we announced from the beginning that ICO stage is an extra for GameX that we don’t rely completely on investor contributions.

GameX is not a token that works as a stake of a major product, it’s a token but works as same with a coin except mining and it’s difficulty adjustments. Ever wondered that why we had a huge max. supply limit like 10 Billion and didn’t have a soft and hard cap.? Probably you noticed it and thought that we are just a scam to get some investments and run away. Lack of whitepaper and team section is also backed your suspicions. If you have read our FAQ section though, you’d know the reasons behind it (Whitepaper) but it’s our fault to don’t present it clearly.

Funding for Projects

GameX has three projects and one them actually is heavily focused on funding reserve, and that is as you can guess is GPU Mining Hub.

Hardware costs would require some good amount of fiat currency reserve. But others, can be developed with our own contributions. It’d be slow but still could be done with time as long as we have the motivation. So, what I’m trying to say that, we had different ideas for GameX and ICO was just a period to get some road-starting funding. How did we fare? It’s not a success nor failure since we didn’t have soft and hard cap.

So, ICO stage has finished with a few investor contributions, some trolling attemps that ordered 100,000 USD in worth GX, false form entries that written like investing but with message “GIVE ME GAMEX PPLLXX!!!!!” etc, but it was really an active period.

AirDrop and

We also had our first AirDrop which really pumped up our popularity but ended with our ban of and closing of our main English thread.

It was our fault actually. Our AirDrop task was involved with giving feedback about our project and concept to our ANN thread. As you can guess, our main account is banned with spamming and thread closed. While it’s our fault that not reading forum rules carefully, also acted so recklessly, banned and deleted everything without giving a warning. Then they don’t even answer your plea of ban removal. For me it’s too much of an ego for a default-themed simple machine forum, just because it’s first of it’s kind. So it affected our ICO period and we stopped creating threads, some followers tried to open and keep it alive but we waited till the end of ICO and Lisa, created a new one a few days ago.

Bounty Hunting

And now, we are started to build our user base with active Bounty Hunting program.

It’s not a time-limited program and it’s tasks and rewards will be adjusted with time. As I said, GameX will let the community earn GX like miners earn coins. Difference is they will mine, our hunters will work on promoting GameX. While getting their GX, they’ll also help GameX to stay strong. Currently we are working on our faucet and cpu mining mimic projects. They’ll be detailed on our other blog entries.

We are also on an active period of exchange applications. It’s not that easy though with having around 2000 cryptocurrencies like us is around.

Exchange Submissions

Exchanges are very picky about their selections (rightfully) or they require huge amounts of money to list your coin, like 100K, 200K USD.

Also being new on the stage without having a market value, decreases your chance to be accepted. We’re tirelessly applying to be listed, offering GX if they require a compensation and talking about our passion to work on it. Let’s hope that we can get the attention of some non-greedy exchange owners and be listed soon.

If you have participated on our AirDrop or Social Gamers campagins, you’d know that we are trying to be helpful as much as we can.

We’ve never directly rejected a plea of second chance to be verified on AirDrop, fixed every invalid wallet entries that requested, even sent their GX to some lost wallet holders. While doing everything we can, we don’t also throw GX around, our cap is 10 Billion but our circulation is around 180K right now.

Well, this post may continue forever since there are many things to tell, but let’s keep this one like that.

I think you’ll like our Blog, you’ll learn more about us and our progress on projects. Keep tagging along and join our community if you still didn’t.

Take care,