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The Hunt is ON!

By Lisa on 2/6/2018


Hello guys!

I write this to tell you about latest news of our never-ending bounty hunting.

What is GameX Bounty Hunting?

Our program as some of you may know is introduced while our ICO period is active. Unlike others bounties, GameX Bounty Hunting Program is a continuous community rewarding program. As we have stated many times before, we are aiming to be an actively-used crypto currency and not a stake.

With that objective, our promotional campaigns still continue and will be continued. We reward Bounty Hunters to promoting GameX while coins reward their miners for transactions. We mimic that mining mechanics with our kind of difficulty adjustments. That means, while you get 150 GX for a translation, tomorrow you may get 300 GX or even 30 GX for it. Our rewarding system is calculated with GameX’s market value, volume and promotional priority.

Some Stats

We currently have 10 translators that created their GameX [ANN] threads and actively moderating them. These languages are Arabic, German, French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian and Filipino. Also Hindi is on it’s way as we speak.

Our signature hunters count is 8. Three of them are Full Members, other three are Members and remaining are Jr. Members on

Avatar & Personal Text hunters on the other consists of three Full Members of


Until now, we have sent 69 payouts to our hunters. Largest one was 468 GX that our Twitter hunter “myluckyieday” earned.

Total payout that we’ve sent is around 8,500 GX as of today which is 2K USD in worth with ICO price. Our current market price is jumping between $0.50 and $0.05 because of low volume, so it’s not healthy to take it as reference.

Upcoming Changes

We plan to keep our reward amounts same but our daily rewards for thread moderation will be removed from some languages. If a local thread is dead and not getting any active discussion, we’ll stop giving daily rewards to their moderators.

Also especially some of our hunters don’t check our bounty thread about our annoucements, because of that most of the signature hunters’ status taken to inactive since they are still using old ICO period signature codes and not changed them.

We are also working on a new membership system that will let our active community members to earn GX with simple tasks on our website. Details will be given by Kraeius.

See you peeps,