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Roundup, February 2018

By Kraeius on 3/4/2018

The Road so Far

February was really a busy month on GameX. Implementation of GX Alliance increased our popularity at least ten fold. With our new program we’ve had around 29,000 members that earned more than 600,000 GX as total with completing small tasks. While there are some conditions to withdraw earned GX, GameX currently have around 300K GX in public circulation with around 1.5K unique token holders.

GX Alliance Adventure

Our program is really looks like a success. In just two weeks we’ve had almost 30K members. Of course not all of them are legit, there are many fake accounts to get referral earnings but still, that’s a great number. It’s also pumped our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Telegram follower count and encouraged people over to join our bounty programs. Our active signature and avatar bearers rised from 8 to 40 in a week.

Server Problems

Not everything was perfect though. With this rising traffic our host couldn’t handle resource usage. Our website as you know, not that light. Especially home page and profile have really high http requests to handle and resources to get. So, we’ve foreseen such outcome and contacted HostGator to upgrade our host which they didn’t for a week. Finally our server used every resource limit and started throwing 500 error. They was a nice slap to our good-working program.

HostGator didn’t have an emergency help and they didn’t fasten the process and 3 days passed like that. So instead of waiting we decided to migrate InMotionHosting. They were very fast and technically efficient to help us complete the migration. It’s completed at March 1 and since than things work great with just a few minor problems. There are still some things to modify because of migration but server is up and running.

Cheating the Program

Another problem was and is the cheaters. There are so many people that fake their referral signup and visitor earnings. Some buy PTC packages to drive users, some have nice scripts to create virtual users, some just doing it manually with patience. Good ones probably passed our every check and had their GX already transferred. It’s ok as long as we don’t catch you.

Haters Gonna Hate

We have some penalty system for users that spam payout requests, talking thrash over contact channels and doing some other unwanted things. We’ve also deleted many account or deactivated their function to make a payout request for whom we suspect a faul play in action. Of course that people started cursing and shouting threats to decrease our recognizability. We are getting some GAMEX IS SCAM! messages from social media channels and forums with newly created accounts. It rises with the same ratio of our total member number. While it’s sad to see such claims, we trust that our community will answer them properly.

Main Project Progress

Before I tell you about new rules and limits of GX Alliance, I want to talk about our main projects, especially about GX Marketplace.

It continues almost as planned. Why (almost) you probably wander. GX Alliance took most of our resources to work on it and server issues didn’t help it. Still we have many features to add GX Alliance and it may jepordize our GX Marketplace development. Good news is we’ll have some of the core functions already implement on the GX Alliance, that means we are also developing some of the features of GX Marketplace.

In-die Club and GPU Mining Hub as you know waiting for their date to start.

Financial Status

If you are loyal follower of GameX, then you’d know the result of our 2 weeks of ICO period. We didn’t rely on external funding sources and made a short ICO period without a making a major declarion but that was a mistake. We’ve almost drained our funding reserve from the ICO period. While we continue to do everything as planned, there were some unexpected costs about human resources, work environment and server maintenance. Currently, our team is providing the necessary funding to keep GameX alive and active but as you can guess, that’s not an ideal situation.

Should you worry as a GX holder? No you don’t. We’ve some plans to get some extra income and even though everything goes terribly bad, our team is always behind the GameX.

Exchange Submissions

So, we only have Waves-DEX as an exchange and it’s because most of the exchanges we applied asked for money and that money is mostly between 1 BTC – 50 BTC. We can’t provide such sum at the moment but there are some exchanges that willing to support GameX  and we are in contact with them.

Our second exchange is expected to be released this week (as exchange’s estimation). With it’s release, our token holders could use another exchange than Waves-DEX.

We’ll continue to apply for exchanges after GX Alliance get a little more maturity. It’s better to apply them when we have some action on our website.

GX Alliance Rules and Reward Update (3.4.2018)

GX Alliance is not an AirDrop program and that’s why it doesn’t have an ending time. As we mentioned so many times before, we are mimicing the mining system with giving our loyal users some GX with repetitive tasks and for basically staying with us.

Our initial start point with giving unlimited visitor traffic reward has misused by many users. We are not looking for a real quick GX distribution to some fake or get-token-quick accounts. Of course we’ll have some AirDrop campaigns like this but GX Alliance is different. It’s about collaboration between community and GameX therefore, it should only reward those who are loyal. With ‘loyal’ we mean being real community member othan just a visitor who get it’s GX and leave GameX for eternity.

To that context, we’ve updated our GX earning reward amounts and time limits with additional conditions to make a payout request.


Ways to Earn GX with GX Alliance


Registration (10 GX / One-Time Only)

– Condition: Register on GameX

Logging In (1 GX / Day)

– Condition: Login to GameX

Daily Visit (10 GX / Day)

– Condition: Visit GameX (Any Page)

Visitor Referral (0.25 per Unique Visitor / 200 Visitors per Week)

– Condition: An unregistered and unique visitor should visit GameX with using your referral link

Signup Referral (3 GX per Unique Member / 15 Members per Week)

– Condition: A unique visitor should register on GameX with using your referral link


Achievement Rewards


The Road Ahead (1 GX)

Requirement: Join to GX Alliance with Registering


Anybody Home? (5 Levels)
Requirement & Reward

– Level 1: Visit GameX for 1 Week / 25 GX

– Level 2: Visit GameX for 1 Month / 100 GX

– Level 3: Visit GameX for 3 Months / 300 GX

– Level 4: Visit GameX for 6 Months / 600 GX

– Level 5: Visit GameX for 1 Year / 2400 GX


Tour Guide (5 Levels)
Requirement & Reward

– Level 1: Refer 10 Visitors to GameX / 2.50 GX

– Level 2: Refer 100 Visitors to GameX / 25 GX

– Level 3: Refer 1000 Visitors to GameX / 250 GX

– Level 4: Refer 3500 Visitors to GameX / 1000 GX

– Level 5: Refer 10000 Visitors to GameX / 5000 GX


I Want You for GX Army! (5 Levels)
Requirement & Reward

– Level 1: Refer 3 Members to GameX / 10 GX

– Level 2: Refer 10 Members to GameX / 30 GX

– Level 3: Refer 100 Members to GameX / 300 GX

– Level 4: Refer 350 Members to GameX / 1000 GX

– Level 5: Refer 1000 Members to GameX / 6000 GX


Payout Request Conditions

User must be out of our blacklist

User must have at least 250 GX on his/her account

User must have been unlocked “Anybody Home? Level 1” achievement


Things That May Get You Blacklisted

Having multiple accounts

Faking referrals with using any manual or automated way

Using a Waves Wallet that used by another account

Spamming our communication channels with repetitive messages or thrash talk


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Waves wallet from X exchange?

No, at least for now. If that exchange doesn’t have GX there as a listed and tradable token, then you can’t get your tokens. If we’ve sent it already, there is no way to recover it since it’s lost for all of us.

Where to create a proper wallet for GX?

Create a Waves wallet from and withdraw your GX there.

Is 1 GX = 1 WAVES?

Hell, no. They are different currencies and have different values. Check DEX for GX’s current value.

I have made a payout request. When will I get it?

We are processing payments manually and trying to send it as soon as possible after making necessary check on your accounts. It should be on your wallet between 1-3 days.

Request Payout feature is deactived for my account. What should I do?

If it’s deactived, then you are in our blacklist. To reactive it, you can use Contact Us page with giving some defensive details of your deactivation reason. If it’s deactivated because of suspicious traffic for example, then you should share your traffic sources etc. Your plea would be reviewed by our team and you’d be notified about the outcome.