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Transformation of GameX

By Rosa on 4/10/2018

March Roundup

Hey, it’s Rosa from GameX, PM of our little team. I will start with our new blog entry with telling you about the last month.

GameX’s traffic at March has skyrocketed to around 1 million unique users with 3.5 million pageviews. Our registered users are now more than 70K who have earned more than 3.5 million GX and withdrawn 500K GX of it until now.

Reason for this increase is based around the success of our GX Alliance program. Each new update we’ve implemented improved it to become a more mature and useful system on our end. We were and are constantly improving the UI and adding new features while simplifying things.

Other major change we have made was adding a whole new raffle store. With that store, we wanted to give another option to our holders to spend their GX instead of holding or trading.

RewardMob campaign on the other hand also motivated our users to expand their network to find new referrals and many have had lots of GX that way while also getting their RMOB tokens.


Transformation of GameX

GameX Team actively observes the crypo-currency industry, it’s changing mechanics, financial impacts and user preferences. To continue to be an active player of this industry and to increase our reach further, we are on the move to transform GameX to something more.

Redesign of Main Projects

GameX started to it’s journey with three projects, GX Marketplace, GX In-Die Club and GX GPU Mining Hub. As we have stated on our roadmap plan, we are developing GX Marketplace and it’s on pre-alpha stage. We have relayed our main efforts to improve our loyal user-base rather than focusing GX Marketplace only though. We believe that, it wouldn’t change anything if we would have only a handful of followers. We need to have a strong community before we release our projects so that when the time comes, we all can use such products with max. efficiency.

GX Marketplace

We have some different ideas to make the marketplace a more efficiently used product. If we think that %90 of the gaming related coins/tokens have that feature, we should tailor our system to make it unique and more useful for general audience. While I can’t delve into details about what we have in mind, I can say that it won’t lose it’s main purpose instead it’ll have an extended reach for daily users.

GX In-Die Club

Our indie developer funding platform project is the one that we love the most honestly (at least for me). We want GameX to be a motivation point for individual developers to work on their projects with ease of mind and joy. Realities though may jeopordize that. For this project to be successful, GX’s trading volume, market capacity and unit price should increase. Only when our GX tokens would be useful for developers to build a funding.

In-Die Club is on the planned roadmap and comes after GX Marketplace.

GX GPU Mining Hub

Our side project GPU Mining Hub was always hardest one to implement due to it’s financial requirements. GameX always noted that this project is directly related to financial possibilities and may be cancelled if we don’t find it as a profitable project.

While GameX hold it’s right to remove that project from the roadmap, we don’t intend to that. It’ll be worked on as stated on the roadmap after GX In-Die Club’s first alpha version and before Beta GX Marketplace. Renting hashrates though planned to be released to a small audience due to limited number of rigs we have. That group will be selected via their status on the GX Alliance mostly, having a high rank will matter when this project is released.

Breaking the Chains of Crypto-only Website

As you know, thing that we tokens and coins have in common is that we are only focused on crypto-currency world. Our website designs, numbers we gave and almost every detail we present is prepared for crypto-currency world.

GameX intends to chat that for itself. We are slowly transforming our website to a gaming website. To that end we have started to open new positions in our team. We plan to add dynamic content about the gaming industry like news, reviews, streams and such.

Merchant Oriented GameX

Other major change of our focus is about to increase the usage of GX tokens. We are aggresively reaching game developer companies and individual developers to make negotiations and to build new partnerships.

With it’s dramatically increasing number of loyal gamer base, GameX believes that we are a great source for developers to attract new players to their products. We are already in the middle of the talks for some companies but I can’t talk about them just yet 🙂

Mini Short-Term Roadmap

Under this section, I’ll just mention about the things we are working on just right now. These are minor things mostly but I wanted to share them with you.

GX Deposits

We’ll add a new feature that will let you deposit GX back to your GameX account from your wallets. It’ll be useful if you plan to use your GX on our internal projects like Raffle Store.


GX Alliance releases will have a changelog that you will be able to read whenever you want. You’ll learn about the new changes earlier than before.

GX Raffle Store Improvements

We’ll continue to add new games to the store but also we have some new ideas for it. We plan to widen the options and add new things as addition to games. Also we’ll increase the quality of games slowly.

Telegram Group

We have a Telegram channel already but we want to create a group so that we can have some chat with our community members. It’ll be opened soon.

GX Elite

That’s another major-ish program we’ll start to implement to our system soon. While I can’t share the details, I can say that it’ll be a neo-investment system for those who wants to be a part of GameX as an elite member of it’s growing community.

That is all for now, take good care of yourselves!