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BuzzeX Exchange Campaign

BuzzeX is a new exchange that recently pre-launched and we have close ties with their management. Still, there is a voting phase to win. If we can get 1000 votes, we’ll be added to the exchange and that’s where you come in! Their daily dividends and master node system also look very appealing. It’s important for us GX Community to invade there.

1- Join BuzzeX via this link so we can track your progress (This will add 100 BZX to your account there); Sign Up
2- Complete the KYC process of BuzzeX (it’s simpler there). It’s vital for our votes to be counted.
3- Navigate to BuzzeX Voting Page and search for “GX“. When you find it, vote for us (This will add 500 BZX to your account).
4- Use “Promote” option there if you want to help us to get more votes.
5- When we are listed, everyone who voted for us will also get 100 GX.

BuzzeX Whitepaper:
BuzzeX Bounty / Airdrop:

Exchain Exchange Campaign

Exchain is a brand-new, China-based exchange and currently active with around 500-800 traders. By the end of the month (November), they expect to have more than 50 new coins added to their exchange, so activity would be increased. Our deal with Exchain is providing them, 1000 new users. When we hit that 1000 referred users, we’ll be listed there. Therefore, we are making a new campaign for this exchange;

1- Join Exhcain via this link so we can track your progress; REMOVED
2- When we are listed, these first 1000 users who signed up will get 100 GX directly to their accounts on the Exchain.

Exchain Whitepaper: REMOVED
ET Token of Exchain: REMOVED

It’s important to be careful with brand new platforms. Only signup if you think that GameX’s addition to that exchange would benefit us all.

Update (11.12.2018): We resigned from the deal due to technical problems on Exchain which prevented us to track the users who joined as GameX member.

GX Raffle Store Winners - 11.10.2018

Due to token-swap process, we had to postpone our latest GXRS game distributions for winners. But now the time has come! Since it is before our token-swap, KYC rule does not apply for the winners but still, it is required for you to send us some information so that we can release the winner in our Hall of Winners page.

If you are one of the “Main” or “Backup” winners, please send us your full name, city, country, age and a photo (selfie) via Contact Us page. If main winners won’t take their games in 3 days, backup winners will take their place.

NeverEnd: FonBusta (Main), breezzz (Backup)
Roomaze: Nntrung157 (Main), plomi (Backup)
Langoth: breezzz (Main), McBabe (Backup)
Hexoscope CE: breezzz (Main), Nntrung157 (Backup)

Crab Dub: Nntrung157 (Main), Avankor (Backup)
It’s Spring Again: SPI (Main), bazukann (Backup)
Alex Hunter – LotM: Nntrung157 (Main), FonBusta (Backup)
Alien Rage – Unlimited: breezzz (Main), Nntrung157 (Backup)