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GameX is Recruiting!

Would you like to join GameX team and be a part of our story?

If you like GameX and if you think you can help it to become better, then do not linger and apply now with filling the form below!

Who are we looking for?

Community Leads (Open)

We are looking for invidiuals that can build an active community with running contests, raffles, competitions and such for GameX holders.

Video Game Editors (Open)

We need video game editors to work on our new gaming hub to frequently post news, write game reviews and walkthroughs.

– News editors will post news related to video game industry and keep our news hub updated.

– Review editors will write game reviews and give points to different aspects of the game to rank game’s quality.

– Walkthrough editors will write guides to improve players’ skills, help them to solve puzzles and complete the game’s story for some specific games.

Video Game Streamers (Open)

We are looking for streamers who will play some specific games while giving details about it to viewers. Videos will be live and offline depending on the need.

Telegram Group Admins (Open)

GameX has it’s Telegram channel but we’ll also create a group to make some chit chat. To manage this, we are looking for group admins who has enough knowledge about Telegram functions, shortcodes and interested in GameX project.

Rules & Requirements

– Applicants must have at least Upper-Intermediate level of English and have a free time to invest in GameX related works.

– We don’t expect a past experience for listed positions but it’d nice to have. All we need is actually, passionate guys and gals to make GameX a better platform.

– If you are looking for a few quick tasks to get easy GX, this is not for you.

– Positions are remote and permanent, as long as both parties are content with another.


Payouts are in GX and will be sent at the end of each month. New remote working members can join to core team in future depending on the performance.

– Payout amounts will be determined with measuring both quality and quantity for article and streaming based positions. More you create, more you earn. Create with quality, be good on what you do and earn even more.

– Submitted works will be voted by core team to determine it’s GX value. Community positions is directly credited by Lisa with measuring the success of campaigns that is created.

– Accumulated GX will be sent to their respective owners at the end of each month.


– To fully join the team, identity verification is a must have. You’ll need to share your real name and other personal details like gender, age, location etc. Also, a photo with you and your identity card (or school card, driver license etc.) on hand will be required at final phase of recruitment.

– You’ll accept a Non-Disclosure Agreement before joining the team (the agreement that you accept to keep GameX’s world-breaking secrets…).

– Your main contact will be Lisa and sometimes others depending on the work you are conducting.

GameX Application Form

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