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GX Accumulation Ratio

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GX Accumulation Ratio

Effective immediately (6.1.2018), the ratio for earning GX on our platform has been decreased to lower the supply flow and increase the market value of GX tokens.

It’s become harder to reach minimum payout threshold now but we will add new earning ways and achievements in a short time so you’ll be able to catch it again like before.

Here are the latest rates (some of them changed, and some are still same);


Daily Visits: 5 GX

Referred Member: 1 GX


The Road Ahead: 3 GX

Anybody Home?: 5 GX, 25 GX, 100 GX, 250 GX, 1,000 GX (5 Levels)

I Want You for GX Army!: 10 GX, 20 GX, 50 GX, 100 GX, 250 GX (5 Levels)

GX Faucet

Faucet Claim per Hour: 1 GX / 3 GX


Minimum Threshold: 250 GX


Deposit Bonus: Removed