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KuCoin Telegram Contest

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KuCoin Telegram Contest

KuCoin Telegram Contest has Started!

KuCoin invited GameX to participate in their Telegram contest. The coin that has the most votes will be added to KuCoin exchange and that coin also will be rewarded with 30k USD (in value) marketing package.

If GameX wins that contest, we’ll give 250 GX to each of our users that have voted for us.

The contest will be run for 3 days and it’ll be ended on July 15, 10:00 AM UTC.

Instructions to Vote

1- Create an account on KuCoin if you don’t have any. (Click Here to Sign-up)
2- Join the Telegram group of the contest ->
3- Start a private conversation with @Voting_KuCoin_Bot account.
4- A bot will greet you. Answer it’s questions. First, it’ll ask for your KuCoin account email.
5- Then it’ll ask for your vote. Type “GameX” there (without quotes “”)
6- Finally it’ll ask about the reason for your voting. Write about whatever you desire.

Note: If you already voted for another coin, you can still vote for GameX with /newform command on bot’s conversation area.